pdelta            163 core/gps.c     static t_polar pdelta;                                 // distance to destination (metric+english)
pdelta            292 core/gps.c         rect2polar              (&rdelta, &pdelta);                             // Distance in degrees m and grad
pdelta            293 core/gps.c         peil    = radian2deg    (pdelta.alpha);                                 // Bearing to destination
pdelta            294 core/gps.c         angle  = radian2deg     (pdelta.alpha-pspeed.alpha);                    // Angle relative to the direction of march
pdelta            295 core/gps.c         regressionAdd           (&deltareg, now, pdelta.delta);                 // do the regression
pdelta            310 core/gps.c                 sprintf(vBuf, lang_str(LANG_MENU_GPS_t_9), (int)pdelta.delta);