out_hash          153 tools/makeexport.c     FILE* out_hash = fopen(argv[3],"wb");
out_hash          191 tools/makeexport.c     fprintf(out_hash,"// This is an automatically generated file. DO NOT EDIT!\n");
out_hash          192 tools/makeexport.c     fprintf(out_hash, "\n#include \"module_hash.h\"\n\n");
out_hash          193 tools/makeexport.c     fprintf(out_hash, "// Address references so that symbol table will compile and link.\n// Don't need correct signatures here, just the name for linking.\n");
out_hash          198 tools/makeexport.c             fprintf(out_hash,"extern int %s;\n",hash_vals[n].symbol+1);
out_hash          202 tools/makeexport.c             fprintf(out_hash,"extern void %s(void);\n",hash_vals[n].symbol);
out_hash          205 tools/makeexport.c     fprintf(out_hash, "\n// Symbol hash table for resolving exported symbol references\nsym_hash symbol_hash_table[] =\n{\n");
out_hash          208 tools/makeexport.c         fprintf(out_hash,"{ 0x%08x, %s },\n",hash_vals[n].hash,hash_vals[n].symbol);
out_hash          210 tools/makeexport.c     fprintf(out_hash, "};\n");
out_hash          222 tools/makeexport.c     fclose(out_hash);