ifd               324 modules/dng.c  static dir_entry* get_tag(int ifd, int tag)
ifd               326 modules/dng.c      ifd_entry* p = get_ifd(ifd);
ifd               375 modules/dng.c  static void process_entries(ifd_entry* ifd, void (*f)(ifd_entry*, dir_entry*))
ifd               378 modules/dng.c      for (i=0; ifd->entry[i].type != T_EOL; i++)
ifd               380 modules/dng.c          if ((ifd->entry[i].type & T_SKIP) == 0)  // Exclude skipped entries (e.g. GPS info if camera doesn't have GPS)
ifd               382 modules/dng.c              f(ifd, &ifd->entry[i]);
ifd               389 modules/dng.c  static void inc_ifd_count(ifd_entry* ifd, __attribute__ ((unused))dir_entry* e)
ifd               391 modules/dng.c      ifd->count++;
ifd               394 modules/dng.c  static void calc_ifd_count(ifd_entry* ifd)
ifd               396 modules/dng.c      ifd->count = 0;
ifd               397 modules/dng.c      process_entries(ifd, inc_ifd_count);
ifd               404 modules/dng.c  static void inc_raw_offset(__attribute__ ((unused))ifd_entry* ifd, dir_entry* e)
ifd               411 modules/dng.c  static void calc_raw_offset(ifd_entry* ifd)
ifd               414 modules/dng.c      process_entries(ifd, inc_raw_offset);   // Add size of each entry to raw_offset
ifd               421 modules/dng.c  static void calc_extra_offset(ifd_entry* ifd)
ifd               423 modules/dng.c      extra_offset += 6 + ifd->count * 12; // IFD header+footer
ifd               428 modules/dng.c  static void add_entry_to_buffer(__attribute__ ((unused))ifd_entry* ifd, dir_entry* e)
ifd               452 modules/dng.c  static void add_ifd_to_buffer(ifd_entry* ifd)
ifd               454 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(ifd->count, sizeof(short));  // Add count of entries for this IFD
ifd               455 modules/dng.c      process_entries(ifd, add_entry_to_buffer);  // Add all entries
ifd               461 modules/dng.c  static void add_entry_extra_data_to_buffer(__attribute__ ((unused))ifd_entry* ifd, dir_entry* e)
ifd               471 modules/dng.c  static void add_extra_data_to_buffer(ifd_entry* ifd)
ifd               473 modules/dng.c      process_entries(ifd, add_entry_extra_data_to_buffer);