add_val_to_buf    429 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(e->tag, sizeof(short));
add_val_to_buf    430 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(e->type & 0xFF, sizeof(short));
add_val_to_buf    431 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(e->count, sizeof(int));
add_val_to_buf    441 modules/dng.c              add_val_to_buf(e->offset, sizeof(int));
add_val_to_buf    446 modules/dng.c          add_val_to_buf(extra_offset, sizeof(int));
add_val_to_buf    453 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(ifd->count, sizeof(short));  // Add count of entries for this IFD
add_val_to_buf    455 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(0, sizeof(int));             // Terminate entry list
add_val_to_buf    466 modules/dng.c          if (size_ext&1) add_val_to_buf(0, 1);
add_val_to_buf    632 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(0x4949, sizeof(short));      // little endian
add_val_to_buf    633 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(42, sizeof(short));          // An arbitrary but carefully chosen number that further identifies the file as a TIFF file.
add_val_to_buf    634 modules/dng.c      add_val_to_buf(TIFF_HDR_SIZE, sizeof(int)); // offset of first IFD